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Getting In Shape For Your Life Insurance Checkup: Some Tips

There is going to be a medical checkup to assess life expectancy when taking out a life insurance policy. The lower the life expectancy the higher the rates will be for this insurance. Due to these reasons people tend to try to get into the best shape of their life in order to get the best rate available. There are certain areas that the doctor will look at so even those who go to the gym daily might be deemed unhealthy due to habits or something like blood pressure. The following are tips to get into great health for your life insurance checkup.

A variety of activity is the best way to keep your entire body in shape as the same workout can lead to a plateau. This means that on some days a weight lifting workout might be enough but on others an hour of cardio could be the best thing for you. The most important thing that you can do is avoid injury when getting into shape for the exam. The proper equipment and technique is needed for this as well as not being hard to find. Under Armour has coupons on Groupon to meet all of your athletic wear needs.

The use of alcohol and tobacco will drop your life expectancy if you are a heavy drinker or smoker. Most of the time the doctors take your word for it but with the myriad of tests you might have to endure it is not worth lying to the doctor. The “only smoke when I drink” crowd could be shown having nicotine in their system which can lead to many more tests.

healthy foods

Avoiding fast food for the weeks leading up to the exam is wise. This will help reduce the saturated fats that are being eaten which can impact cholesterol or blood pressure. This does not mean you cannot go right from your exam to get a burger but it is better to wait until after. Eating right should be adopted for life rather than for one exam as we only have one life to live! for more details, go to

As you can see this is just the start of the many things that can be done to do better on your life insurance medical exam. Be proactive with this and get a lower rate than you could have imagined.